Fun Facts about McDonald’s!

Regardless of the quality of their food or whether we like their menus or not, one thing that must be recognized to McDonald’s is having achieved world fame as a symbol of fast food or, rather, junk food and be almost always on everyone’s lips, for whatever reason.

Fun Facts about McDonald’s

Fun Facts about McDonald's!

1. The history of McDonald’s food chain:

McDonald’s was born as a small roadside restaurant in the mythical Route 66 where its owners, the brothers Dick and Mac MacDonald’s, offered a menu consisting of only 20 products but it was not long in being successful due to the efficiency of the service.

Fifteen years later they discovered Ray Kroc, a salesman of shake machines who saw the enormous business potential in that type of restaurant. That’s how in 1955, Kroc opened the first McDonald’s franchise and became the founder of the chain that we know today.

2. Curiosities about McDonald’s that you probably do not know:

Almost 80 years have passed since the first restaurant opened. It is more than 60 years since the franchise began to expand to become present in half of the world.

3. McDonald exit in 5 continents

The only continent in which there is no McDonald’s is Antarctica, but in other continents, there are more than 30,000 restaurants, a figure that continues to grow by about 2,000 per year, that is in every 4 hours opens a new McDonald’s restaurant in the world.

After the United States, the country which has the most McDonald’s restaurant in Japan, where more than 3,000 establishments can be found.

4. McDonald’s survey gets misspelled all the time!

Did you know that when people are searching for McDvoice survey in Google, they misspells it often Most common misspells are mcvoice, mcdvoice com and mcdvoice con!

5. McDonald’s, a benchmark for the economy:

The annual income of McDonald’s is around 27 billion dollars that would be a Gross Domestic Product over that of countries like Bolivia, Latvia or Cameroon.

McDonald’s also serves to compare the standard of living of different countries. In fact, The Economist magazine publishes the Big Mac Index, which is based on the theory of purchasing power parity based on the concept that the same currency, for example, the dollar, should be able to buy the same amount of goods – in this case, Big Macs – in all countries. In the latest data published in January 2017, we can see that in the United States a Big Mac costs 5.06 $ and in Russia 2.15 $.

6. There is a significant population of Americans who have worked at McDonald’s:

With part-time junk contracts, but even celebrities like actress Sharon Stone and singer Pink have been part of the staff of some franchise. In the United States alone, one million new work contracts are signed each year.

In the year 1986, the Oxford dictionary of the British language incorporated the word mc-job to define low-skilled jobs with little remuneration and low prestige.

7. Offer burger to 1% of the world population each day:

This is that of the 7000 million inhabitants of the planet, one in 100 eats at some point of the day a hamburger from McDonald’s.

Since it was first opened in 1940, they have sold more than one hundred billion hamburgers worldwide. The company estimates that today they sell 75 hamburgers per second – in one day there are 86,400 seconds so that you can count.

That’s it for now guys!

We’ll be back with more McDonald’s facts soon.

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