How do I redeem McDonalds survey code?

Wondering how to redeem your McDonald’s survey code and get your rewards? Here’s all you want to know about redeeming your McD Voice survey code!

How do I redeem McDonalds survey code

How to receive the survey code?

To receive the survey code, you need to complete the mcdvoice survey first. You can follow these instructions to redeem the code.

How to redeem McDonalds survey code?

It’s easy.

After you received your validation code or survey code after completing the survey, you need to write the survey code on the back of your receipt.

You can use this receipt to redeem the offer shown on it at a McDonald’s outlet.

McDonald’s survey code rules

Before going to redeem the code, it’s good to know the basic rules of this mcdvoice survey promotion.

  • The McDonald’s survey should be completed within 7 days of purchase.
  • Survey code/Validation code is valid for 30 days.
  • Survey code is valid for 1 person.
  • McDonald’s employees and their family members are not eligible to enter the survey.

Is the Mcdonald’s survey code redeemable at any McDonald’s?

Usually every McDonald’s outlet accepts McDonald’s survey codes from any other McDonalds outlets.

But some outlets might not honor survey codes from other McDonald’s outlets, as their owners might have told the staff to only accept survey codes from their store only. This happens rarely, and even though the receipt would say the survey code would be accepted in any McDonald’s outlets, you might see some exception.

Most McDonald’s outlets won’t even notice that the survey code if from a different outlet as their receipts all look the same. So don’t worry, you can bring in your survey code to any McDonald’s and redeem your rewards mentioned in the receipt.

In case you’re wondering How do I redeem McDonald’s survey code, read this.


I hope you now have an idea about how to redeem your McDonald’s survey code easily. If you have any doubts regarding the same, please mention it in the comments section given below.

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