More Fun Facts about McDonald’s!

It is undoubtedly the most popular fast food chain in the world, since its appearance back in 1954, the restaurant of the golden arches did nothing but grows and is now said to open a McDonald’s restaurant every 14.5 hours. As well as this significant fact, there are another ten that you probably did not know about this company.

More Fun Facts about McDonald’s!

More Fun Facts about McDonald’s!

1. 5 million cows per year to meet the demand:

Only Americans eat more than half a million veal burgers per year, equivalent to more than 5 million cows per year in the United States alone. On the other hand, restaurants in India, for religious reasons, only serve chicken or lamb burgers.

2. England Queen is co-owner of a McDonald’s restaurant:

Yes, Elizabeth II of England is co-owner of a shopping center near Buckingham Palace where there is a McDonald’s.

3. McDonald’s chips have 17 ingredients:

Burgers were originally served with potato chips, but in 1949 they began to serve the famous French fries or chips on sticks. We want to believe that in those days they would be chips in oil with a little salt like those you can fry at home, but today, that’s the way the calico is.

4. McDonald’s symbols are one of the best-known symbols:

The yellow M of McDonald’s is one of the best-known symbols, to the point that there are more people in the world who recognize the M as a symbol of McDonald’s than those who recognize the Latin cross as a symbol of Christianity.

5. Sell salads with more calories than hamburgers:

Crunchy chicken salads with croutons and all their dressings, when they count, have more calories than many of the hamburgers on the menu.

6. The origin of the McDonald’s:

It was first opened in 1975 in Arizona in order to service a nearby military base because as rule soldiers were not allowed to get out of their private cars with army clothes.

7. What you do not know about Ronald McDonald:

Although the first pet of the restaurant chain was a cook, who was originally called Speedee and later Arthur McDonald, the best known is undoubtedly the famous clown who originally appeared with a tray of food on his head and a small plastic cup like a nose.

In Japan, he is known as Donald instead of Ronald, because of the difficulty of the Asians to pronounce R. Come on that does not call him “Donald” they call him Donald :-).

Even so, the funny clown has been avoided in many countries because some children are afraid.

8. Some Fan of McDonald’s:

His name is Don Gorske, he is 63 years old, and he lives in Wisconsin. He has been feeding alone for Big Macs for more than 40 years in December of last year. He celebrated the number 29,000. We imagine that it will continue with a firm step towards the 30,000 marks. Of course, it has a Guinness record that credits it as the person who has consumed the biggest Mac.

9. McDVoice survey gets misspelled all the time!

Most people get it right when they search for McDVoice in Google. But some people misspells it most of the time.

The most common McDVoice misspells are mcvoice, mcdvoice com and mcdvoice con!

That’s it for now guys!

We’ll be back with more McDonald’s facts. Read on!

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